Friday, March 25, 2011

The Power of Forgiveness

Hi Everyone,

Here's a cool story of how God is able to 're-cycle' and 'redeem' even the most horrific of situations. Good friends of ours, who are missionaries and pastors from Japan to the Japanese community in Calgary, shared this story with us. Last weekend, the youth group at the Japanese church our friends have planted decided to do a fund raiser to help out the over 500,000 Japanese who have become refugees in their own land because of the earthquake and tsunami. They held the fund raiser at a Chinese supermarket, which is ironic when you realize the deep seated bitterness and hatred the Chinese have for the Japanese due to all the pain caused by the Japanese during World War II. One elderly Chinese lady, who would have lived through World War II and been deeply affected by the atrocities committed by the Japanese, placed an envelope in the donation box with 10 $100 bills in it. Wow, that sure fleshes out Jesus teaching of what it means to love your enemies!

This Saturday we again will meet at our place at 5pm. Yes, it will be a potluck so bring enough food for your fam. and to share! We know that for some the mention of a potluck means another thing to prepare for in the midst of a busy schedule...yet food and hospitality and sharing are so much a part of Kingdom culture, we want to encourage you to keep it simple and plan in advance so that its not a huge deal. Our times together are not to be so much a meeting as a family gathering. We want to be a family on mission together!

We again want to give opportunity for everyone, including our kids, the chance to 'give and receive' come prepared to offer up a poem you've written or a peom you like that someone else has written, a song you've composed or a song you'd like to sing together, a story, a short devotional, a painting or a Scripture. We'll go around the room and have everyone share their gift. We'll also have opportunity to prayer for one another at the end and any of our friends, neighbours who don't know Jesus yet! Woven into our time will be a chance to give a hearty toast and thank you to King Jesus!

Peace on you all,

Tim and Esther

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