Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gathering this Sunday with Epic

This Sunday our community will be joining Epic at 10:30 down at JLYS for a morning of Celtic story telling, poetry, and music by the group Filid. The link for more info is below:

I, Tim will be going to Winkler Manitoba this weekend to speak at the Cornerstone Vineyard and to do some coaching on missions. I would appreciate your prayers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heart Creek trail on Fathersday Part 3

Okay.. I admit it.. I took way to many pictures.. I just think in pictures. I hope I am not taking up to much space on this site.... but they are just so much fun.

Heart Creek Trail on Fathersday part 2

Yip. Here I sit... posting the photo's and all the stuff we had packed today, is still all around me.. I gotta clean up here. I just love to show you all these pictures. The kids had a bath and are sound a sleep in their beds. Awesome! They were so excited about today. If it wasn't for the older ones helping us out today, they would have had a way harder time making the walk up the river. Thanks everyone for helping Reubs and Rachel doing something they did not think they could have done.. They are so proud of them self! Love it! We are such a great group of people together.. you all mean so much to our family! Thanks!

Heart Creek trail - Part 1.

Wowh, I loved this day! Today we met with our housegroup at Heart Creek trail. Did we have one sunny day. What a day to celebrate the fathers in our midst and their families. Here are some pictures. Enjoy. I have so many Beautiful shots! It was hard to choose! I might have to make another post of today..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Connecting as A Community this Weekend

This Sunday some of community are heading out to Hart Creek near Canmore for a picnic and short hike. Bring a picnic lunch and another set of clothing for your kids incase they wade in the creek. Feel free to invite any friends to join us. Our friends the Cripps from Langley will be joining us. They love what we are doing with the Mosaic and are part of the extended Mosaic. Meet our house at 11:00 am if you want to drive out with us.

Anyone interested in getting involved in a Bowness community supper on Weds. nights talk to Doug or myself. Our family is thinking of doing this once a month.

Also if you are interested in going to Asia in late October for two weeks with me let me know and I can give you the details.


Edworthy Birthday of the 3 young ones

Thank-you everyone who came out to our family birthday last week at Edworthy Park. The kids had a blast and are now enjoying their new trampoline that we were able to buy with help from generous contributions at the party. We definitely couldn't have asked for better weather. It was just perfect in that regard.