Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is Here, I Think?

Wow what a spring so far! So far I've managed to squeeze in between the snow squalls two practices with my U-12 soccer team. When I want to start complaining about the weather, I'm reminded of the folk in the States who are getting hammered with tornadoes, the Japanese who are recovering from tsunamis and earthquakes. So in light of that a few snow storms ain't so bad!

We are meeting this Sunday evening from 5-8pm for house church at our place. It will be a "Bring Your Gift" time so bring something to share with us all...a poem you've written, a song you would like to sing or one you've composed, a painting...if I may I would to boast in Shari P. and Linda Mae Hill who are turning out to be amazing artists...would love to see some of your art! Or if like me all you can do on the artistic side of things is draw stick figures and press the play button on the stereo, feel free to come with a story, Scripture that God has been speaking to you through.

We also want to eat together so bring enough food for yourself and to share with the rest of the community. As is our custom we will share some bread/rice and juice in celebrating King Jesus in our midst.

For anyone who wants to hang out after, you can join our family tradition of watching the Amazing Race...though our boys are bummed that the Cowboys are out!

Those of you who are planning to come would you just give us a shout to let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Keep praying for Doug R. who is still in the Middle East till Sunday. He's having a great time and being treated like family or royalty. Look forward to hearing the stories when he gets back.

Jon and I are doing a bottle/can drive for our Africa trip so if you have any cans or bottles that you would be willing to part with let us know or bring them on Sunday if you're coming. Every little bit helps:)

Peace on you all,

Tim and Esther

Friday, April 15, 2011

House Warming For Doug

Hey Everyone, We will be gathering this Sunday from 4-7pm at Doug Rempel's new house! The address is 2405 Pinewood Drive, S.E. It will be a potluck so bring enough food to share around. As Doug will be leaving this next Weds. on a Kingdom adventure, we want to spend some time praying for him and waiting on the Lord for any Spirit-inspired words about the trip. It really is an exciting opportunity and we get to be a part of it! We also want to bless Doug's new place and pray about how God would want to connect Doug with what He is doing in the Forest Lawn area to extend His Kingdom. The Forest Lawn area is one of those places in our city where there are alot of ethnic folk especially from Asian countries like Vietnam as well as from India, Pakistan and other parts of the world. It has also had a reputation for being a crime 'hot spot' with lots of gang and drug activity. Yet these are the kinds of places where Jesus loves to show up! So we want to pray that His Kingdom would come, and that the Holy Spirit would guide Doug in his desire to partner with the Father in His Kingdom activity in the S.E. and possibly form a simple Jesus community there with people who don't know Jesus yet. Doug has sensed a call to this area, and we're excited about what is in store for him and his family in days to come. See you on Sunday, Tim and Esther

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rest and Replenishment

Hi All, We as a family are leaving today for a week in Canmore of rest and replenishment. Really looking forward to getting into nature, no meetings, less schedule, and having some fun with the fam. Being in the cathedral of creation is one of my primary ways of connecting with God and its been awhile. You can read my blog on the toxic nature of city life on the Mosaic website if you want to hear my rant and rave. Thus we will not be around for the next two weekends. If any of you would like to host or plan a gathering some type or sort over the next couple of wknds....Go for it! On the 16th or 17th it would be fun to gather at Doug Rempel's new place. Doug, let us know if these dates work for you, and why don't you plan what the time together would be like. It would be great to have the Behrang clan at this gathering and pray for your Iran trip coming up at the end of April. If you would like to support Doug on this trip which he will share more about when we gather. You can do that through Mosaic Ministries...just talk to Doug about it. Heaps of peace and joy on you all, Tim and Esther