Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rhythms For November

I leave for Asia this Thursday for two weeks...so we wanted to get the word out on our gathering times for this next month.

This weekend there will be no Close2Home gathering in Bowness. Doug will be hosting a potluck up in the S.E. with some of his neighbors and friends who are on a journey to becoming followers of Jesus. If you do want to join him for this, please let him know before hand. We don't want to inundate this gathering with to many 'Christians' that are not living in close proximity to his neighborhood. Yet, Doug's desire is to form a small team of Jesus followers from that end of town who would want to see apprentices of Jesus developed. So go for it Joel and Amy if that is how the HS is leading you. We keep praying that a community of folks who are Jesus followers and those on their way into the Kingdom would form over the next year. Great job, Doug at being faithful in practicing friendship, hospitality, and loving your neighbors and friends!

On Sunday, Nov. 20th there will be a Close2Home gathering in Bowness at our place @ 10:30am. Just let Esther know if you're coming and whether you would like to facilitate a worship time or if God puts something on your heart to share from the Book.

I would really appreciate your prayers for my trip to Asia. I leave on Thursday and return on Weds. the 23rd. I think most of you get our prayer letter which has the details of my trip in it...so I won't bore you by repeating the details in this post.

If you haven't registered for the Simply Jesus Event on March 2nd and 3rd, we would encourage you to register now before the Christmas rush. The early bird price lasts till Jan. 10 and then the price goes up. Go to www.themosaicnetwork.net site to register if you didn't get the poster.

We love you all,

Tim and Esther