Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh how sweet it is when spring finally comes with longer days, grass going from brown to green, and being able to sit on the porch and soak in the sun.

We will be meeting this Sunday at our house at 10:30am on Sunday. Come with a song/hymn you want to sing together or one you've written, a poem you've written a story or scripture to share with the rest of the group during our worship time. Kids are welcome to participate in this as well. We want to all bring a gift of worship to Jesus!

The focus this Sunday will be "Joining the Father on His Mission To Reconcile People From All Nations into relationship with Him." Doug will share his cool God stories from His trip to the Middle East and show us a video clip of him baptizing some friends in a shower! The Tweedie family will be with us and we will hear about how the Father has been leading them after coming back from Malaysia. Then Dave Henry will lead us in a prayer time for and Indian family that he supports in India, who are planting churches.

Of course we love to eat together as well, so please bring enough food to feed your clan and share with the rest of the crew. Bring along your favourite drinks as well.

If you have any pop bottles, milk jugs or cans that you would be willing to part with, Jon and I would gladly receive them as a contribution towards our Africa trip this July. So if you remember bring them as well on Sunday.


Tim and Esther