Friday, March 18, 2011

A Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to You All,

We had a great Feast Gathering last week with various communities from Calgary and beyond. It was so fun to see our kids go on the scavenger hunt to find Jesus! One cool story from the evening is that a friend of mine was surprised with a $1000 dollar bill, in the form of a scholarship, for his daughter to go to Prairie Bible College! The way it all came about is really one of the main purposes of the Feast: people finding one another and the Holy Spirit organizing the sharing and receiving of gifts. My friend from Calgary was chatting with another friend from the community in Three Hills about how his daughter had recently mentioned that she wanted to go to Prairie to pursue her dream to work with children. During the conversation, my friend from Three Hills remembered receiving this $1000 scholarship bill as an alumni to pass on to a potential student. He just happened to have it in His Bible and was able to pass it on. Yeah, God! I love it when I hear how the Holy Spirit puts these things together.

Once again we want to gather this Saturday at 5pm at our house. We want to continue the practice of 'sharing our gifts' together. So come all, yes, even the children, and be prepared to share a song you've written or want to sing together, a peom you've written or just one you really like, a devotional that's impacted you, a short teaching, a painting, a prophetic word for the group or an individual, something to give away to another who might be in need, or simply your presence.

We will be eating together, so don't forget to bring a main dish and salad and desert for your clan and to share with others.

The Tweedies, our friends who have just moved back from Malaysia, may be joining us which will be lots of fun.

Keep praying for the people of Libya and Japan with all the upheaval and suffering the people are going through because of war, tsunamis, earthequakes, and the nuclear crisis. I've been meditating on Psalm 46 as I ask the questions: "Where is God in all of this and what is He desiring to do throught these catastrophic events?"


Tim and Esther

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