Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello All,

Congratulations to Doug on moving into his home in the S.E. We look forward to the kingdom adventures that the Father has in store for you there, and how He connects you to folks who are searching for Jesus, and to be a part of a Jesus community there. A hearty toast to Beth as well who just got a new job with Servants Anonymous, a really cool organization that works in the human trafficing arena. We know that helping those who are oppressed has always been part of God's call for Beth and a passion in her heart. Furthermore the oppressed, the widow, and the orphan are very close to God's way to go Beth.

This Saturday we will meet at our place at 5pm, and since we didn't meet last week, Beth will share and teach on what she has been learning on our theme: Growing Up in Jesus: How Do we Become Mature? Yes, it will be potluck again so bring enough food for your clan, and to share with others. We want to also encourage all coming to bring something to offer Jesus during our worship: a song you like or one you've written, a poem, a prayer of thanks, or Psalm to read. We want to offer up to Jesus a symphony of worship together.

Next Saturday we will be having our Feast gathering from 4:30pm to 8pm down at the JLYS building in downtown Calgary. There will be folks from various simple communities in Calgary and beyond who have been connecting to the Mosaic network. Again because food is so much a part of kingdom living, please bring a main dish, salad, desert if you like and some drinks to share. Invite your friends to join us as well as we celebrate Jesus and the beauty of His diversity expressed through us in our gifts, personalities, and so on.

Also if you have not signed up to receive regular posts from our Mosaic website please do at This way you get sent to your e-mail regular posts from the Mosaic on upcoming events, blogs to encourage and stimulate your thinking, great teaching videos to help you grow, and so on. It is very easy to do, so even if you're not a computer wizard you can do it. Just go to the site, and you'll see where to type in your e-mail address and click the submit just do it!

Love to you all,

Tim and Esther

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