Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gathering In Bowness

Hope you are all surviving this cold snap of the last week! Wouldn't it be nice if we could all jump on a plane together and head off to Cuba for the week. Hey, not a bad idea if one of us wins the lotto in the next week or so.

Congratulations to Stephanie on her new job posting right here in the hood at the Boys and Girls Club! We know that Jesus has some cool stuff in store for you as you connect with kids and their families here in Bowness. Hope you and your mom can join us this Sunday.

This Sunday we will gather at Beth's cozy home right here in Bowness at 10:30am. The address is 4301A - 70st NW. Phone # is 403-237-8477. We look forward to worshiping Jesus, sharing the highs and lows of our last week, digging in to the Bible, and praying for one another. If you are coming and want to stay for lunch please bring a main dish and salad or desert to share with all.

A reminder to get your registration in for the Simply Jesus Missional Training Event by Jan. 30th if you want to get in on the early bird deal. Momentum is growing for this, and you will not want to miss hearing Carl and all the cool stories of how he has seen Jesus at work in the Middle East, and in America in mosques, bars, and with folks we would have considered our enemies...stories of the Good Samaritan in our day! You will be deeply encouraged, and the Holy Spirit will stir faith in you. Some of his stories make you laugh, and some will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

The cool thing is that what Carl shares is not just for the 'jedi type' evangelists but a way of talking about Jesus that is real, natural, and attainable for all. The main sessions are family friendly for kids ages 5 and up. We'll also have some of our local friends share how they are living a missional 24/7 lifestyle with the poor, oppressed girls off the streets, youth, through the arts, in their neighbourhoods and work places, and are seeing Jesus communities form around tribes on the margins of our culture. There will be forms of worship that are Celtic, Vineyard, and even some Next Gen. stuff. We will pray for the sick and see how God might show up!

So go to and sign up this weekend! Get the word out to your friends as well!

Love you all,

Tim and Esther

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