Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey One and All,

A quick note to let everyone know that we'll be meeting this weekend at the Pointen's farm at 10:30am on Sunday for house church. Come ready to share around the question: Where do you see Jesus at work in your family, work place, neighbourhood or elsewhere? Where would Jesus being showing up? We may watch a podcast by a guy named Carl Madearis.

We also want to begin to process the questions that I posed in the last blog. Though I can't remember the wording exactly the gist of the questions were: Where are you at with how we have been 'being' and 'doing' church? What do you like about what we have been doing and what would you change? What is God speaking to you personally and for the group?

Pauline and and two of the kids are in Holland for a few weeks. Have a great time Pauline and eat some good Dutch licorice for me!


Tim and Esther

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