Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I'm back from my sojourn in Asia and will be sharing a little bit about the trip this Sunday. Thank you all for praying and supporting me on this trip. I really do feel like our 'small' community is like a mash unit that is being used to draw people to Jesus here and all around the world. It starts by being 'a few faithful forgiving friends' who link arms and travel together in seeing a bit of the dream of His Kingdom coming here on earth. We want to share these missional stories this Sunday. I will share about our friends and extended family in Asia and we'd like to hear the stories of How Jesus is showing up here in Calgary. Then we want to pray for our friends and family who are not yet in the Kingdom, but are close.

For next week, we want everyone to start pondering a couple key questions concerning how we move forward as a community: Where is everyone at with how we've been doing church? What do you like about what we're doing and what would you like to see changed? Are we committed to traveling the next leg of the journey together and what does that look like?

So see all of you who can make it on Sunday. Paul and Shari would it be possible to meet at the farm next week?


Tim and Esther

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