Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey All of you Sojourners,

Here is a tentative schedule for this Sunday's gathering and then forms of gathering and 'missional living' for SeptembeItalicr:

  • This Sunday we'll gather at the Schultz's at 10:30 am. Bring your "Tangible Kingdom" and we'll discuss Chapter 4 on the U-Haul.
  • September 5th we'll gather at the Pointen's and Scott, would you facilitate us in a discussion around Chapter 5 from the Tangible Kingdom. Doug would you have something for the kids, and Shari would you lead us in some worship and communion?
  • September 12th: Would it be possible to meet at your place, Scott and Pauline? Doug, if you would prepare to lead us in a discussion from James that would be great.
  • September 19th: We want to gather with Doug's Iranian friends who are close to the Kingdom and want to experience what church is like. Doug, will get us more details on this.
  • September 25th, yes I know a Saturday, is when we will be gathering with some other communities across the city who are part of the forming Mosaic for a Potluck, missional stories, worship and communion. More details coming on this.

Other gathering and missional opportunities are the Weds. night supper for the community of Bowness, the women's group on Thursday, the boys getting together for beer, wings, and accountability, and on Tuesday nights starting September 21st, if you or anyone else is interested I'll be starting The Discovering Your Dream course -this basically a discipling/mentoring course-both to be discipled and to give a framework of how to disciple others. Let me know if you or anyone you know would be served by this course.

Peace on you All,

Tim and Esther

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