Sunday, August 22, 2010

Esther, the boys, and I are back from our quick odyssey down to Oregon where I officiated at my niece's wedding. The wedding was alot of fun and we really enjoyed have some real summer weather down south. . .like 90 +F.

We were wondering, Paul and Shari, if we could meet next Sunday at the farm. If the weather is warm enough we'd love to check out your swimming hole. Scott, I was wondering if you would lead us in a discussion of chapter 4 from the Tangible Kingdom?

A few of the simple missional communities that Esther and I have been connecting with and coaching would like to come together for a gathering called the Feast. The tentative plan for this is Sat. Sept. 11th though we may bump to Oct. due to the challenges of planning something like this over the summer months when all good Canadians migrate to the mountains or elsewhere to enjoy the great outdoors. More details on this to come!

We would like to try again at having church with Doug's Iranian friends who are very close to the Kingdom, especially the sister who is visiting from Iran. The plan is to do this on Sept.19th so mark that on your calendar.

Sometime in Sept. we are also working towards a block party with some of our neighbours here in Bowness. We haven't finalized the date yet for that.

Guys, it would be good to get back in to a regular time of meeting. What would work best for you all...Sat. evening?

That's all from the Schultz clan for now.

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