Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey Everyone,

We love this time of year with school winding down and the long aniticipated break from the more scheduled grind or routine of life. Looking forward to getting out into creation is my cathederal, and to having a little more white space on the calendar...I hope:)

Here are a very few planned events and opportunities to gather this July. We want to make sure that we don't overly crowd the schedule, but still connect.

1. This Sunday we'll gather @ our place @ 11am. We'll share a meal together and share, pray, and celebrate Jesus around the table...Shoko our Japanese friend who doesn't know Jesus is coming and bringing some food.

2. On the July long weekend, anyone who would like to join us down in the Crow for a camping and fishing trip are welcome. We will be leaving Friday and you can stay through Sunday, come for the day, or stay for just a night. Let us know if you'd like to come. My friend and our neighbour Darol is coming with his kids and bringing his small fishing boat which should be fun. We will be staying @ the Castle Campground.

3. Jon and I leave for Africa on July 9th for three weeks...coming up quickly. A big thank you to all who contributed to make this trip possible. It really has been a community effort. Infact, Mike's soccer team that I coach are chipping in to support us which is pretty exciting...people who aren't church folk wanting to be part of our Kingdom adventure!

4. The rest of July will be pretty organic and spontaneous as far as gathering go for it and initiate with some folks you haven't seen for a while.


Tim and Esther


  1. Hey Tim and Esther Schultz.. How about reconnecting with some folks you haven't seen for a reallllly long time?

    Carol Rudd and I (Kim Collins - used to be Kim Salkeld) from Crescent Heights Baptist would love to get together and catch up with you and hear more about close 2 home.

    If you have time, shoot me an email..

  2. oooops.. not sure if you can get my email from that..