Friday, January 21, 2011

Greetings and Salutations to you all,

It's already Friday, and I can hardly believe how quickly this week has gone by.

Tomorrow which, yes is Saturday, we're back to meeting at 5pm at our place. Seeing that sharing food together is a big part of community, please bring enough food for yourselves and to share with others: a main course and side dish or desert usually works, and if you have some drinks kicking around feel free to bring some along.

Feel free to invite a friend if you'd like to our time together.

This week we would like everyone to bring a gift to share with us. It may be a story, a song you've written, a poem, something you've learned from your Bible Study or devotional time and such. It's always cool to see how the H.S. weaves it all together and speaks to us the same message in all kinds of creative ways.

A reminder that if you haven't signed up for the MOSAIC website to do so. The site is You'll get regular posts with blogs, stories, upcoming events and gatherings, resources, and such.

Have a great weekend,

Tim and Esther

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