Friday, October 8, 2010

Blessed to be a Blessing

Happy Thanksgiving to You All,

Welcome back Paul and Shari from your family getaway down to Disneyland. Sounds like it was just the tonic that you guys needed. Though we didn't have 30+C weather here at home, it sure has been a much desired Indian summer.

This Sunday all those of you who are in town are welcome to our place at 10:30am. Please come prepared to share a gift--a song, poem, Bible verse that is meanful to you, something you have created, a food item to share, a God story, etc. We call it "Bring Your Gift Sunday". Of course, your presence is also a gift. Also, we want to spend some time sharing how God has blessed us over this last year, and offering up our thanksgiving to God, maybe around a campfire in the back yard. After we share how God has blessed us, we want to pray for others in our lives that still haven't met Him yet, so our theme could also be "Blessed to be a Blessing." If anyone wants to stay afterwards, we thought we could keep the fire going and roast hot dogs or sausages. If you plan to stay for that, please bring your own meat and buns and roasting sticks, as well as a salad or some veggies. We want to keep it simple because many of you may already be involved in hosting or contributing to Thankgiving dinners.

I leave a week next Tuesday for Asia, so appreciate your prayers for that as I prepare to go and still prayin in some bucks for the trip. Next Sunday I would love to be 'commissioned' or given the 'left foot of fellowship' out by our community.

Have a great weekend with family and friends,

Tim and Esther

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