Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey Everyone,

This Sunday we'll be gathering at the Schultz residence at 10:30 am. Parents remember to bring a pair of gloves for each of your kids and a couple pieces of junk or rubbish. We will be creating a work of art out garbage we collect from a field trip into the neighbourhood depending on the weather-thus the need to bring some junk. The theme is how God can create something beautiful out of our mess- remember the Hebrew phrase 'tohu bohu' from Genesis chapter 1 -God took what is formless and void and created all the diversity and beauty of creation.

Doug will be leading us in a discussion from the book of James.

Next Saturday, Sept. 25th is our Mosaic Feast gathering with other communities from Calgary and the surrounding area. It will start at 5:30 pm down at JLYS downtown with a potluck meal. So invite some friends and bring enough food for your clan and to share with others. After the meal, there will be worship, missional stories, communion, different stations to connect with God, and so on.
Should be a great time.

See you on Sunday!

Tim and Esther

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