Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gathering This Sunday

We'll be meeting this Sunday at the Schultzes at 10:30am. Please bring your Tangible Kingdom book and make sure to read chapter 2 as we'll discuss it together. If you want to stick around and barbeque you are welcome to do so and try out our new barbie that we just received thanks to airmiles. A couple of upcoming events:
  • Next Weds. if you would like to join Doug at the Community meal in Bowness let him know
  • Next Sunday, July 11 we will meet at the Pointen farm at 10:30am and after some sharing and teaching from the book of James, we'll watch the final of the World Cup
  • Every Weds. at our Lady of Assumption School soccer fields in Bowness there is family soccer for anyone interested. It starts at 7pm and is alot of fun
  • There will be a backpacking trip from July 29th to August 1st in the Highwood country for any dads and sons or daughters.

I had a good trip to Winkler, Man. so thanks for all your prayers.

See you all Sunday or somewhere in between.


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